5 Places for Visit in Bangalore [2020], Touring place in Bangalore

places for visit in bangalore


Today, in this post, you will find Bangalore which is also known as Bangalore. It is the capital of Karnataka. Karnataka, also nicknamed the Garden City, is also the third most populous country in India.

Whose 5 best visits will tell about pluses. If you can visit the best places here.

 1. Bangalore Palace

places for visit in bangalore
Bangalore palace

It is one of the most popular destinations to visit in Bangalore. This palace is exceptionally spread over 45,000 square feet in a huge form. This palace is a symbol of great architecture and beauty. Here the Majestic Bangalore Palace maintains the spice of the old Regal.

 An audio tape in Hindi and English language is available inside this palace, which helps people to understand the language issues, which makes it easy to understand its history. This palace was built in 1878 by King Chamarajendra Wadiyar, one of the most powerful dynasties of South India.

It took inspiration from London's Windsor Castle to build this magnificent building. Here you will have a host of popular tours as well as a host for weddings, various arts culture programs, rock shows.

Top things to do in Bangalore Palace

1 Culture Rings

Culture Rings will get you about a 22-minute walk from Bangalore Palace.

2 Shrungagiri Sri Shanmukha Temple

You will find this place within a 17-minute walk

3 Carnatic Painting Parishat

It is about 1.6 from Bangalore Palace.

Best time to visit

You can visit the Bangalore Palace anytime between 10:00 am and 5:30 pm
The best time to travel in Bangalore is between April to December. By the way, you can go here at any time of the year because the weather of Bangalore is the best in the whole country, it is very pleasant throughout the year.

Weather- 23℃

Location- Vasanth Nagar, Bengaluru Karnataka 560052

Duration - 2-3 hour

Entry fee - Rs 230 / - per Indian
                  Rs 460 / - per Foreign Tourist
                  Rs 685 / -per Camera
                  Rs 1485 / - per CameraCard
                  Rs 285 / - Mobile Camera

"The entry ticket price of this place during the opening time is the official fee for the entry journey.

How to Reach

By Metro

If you have reached Bangalore, the nearest metro station to visit Bangalore Palace is Cuban Park, which is approximately 2.8 kilometers from the Palace. From here it will take you 10 to 15 minutes to reach.

"You can also use the bus to go here, once you reach the city you will get taxis and rickshaws.

 2. Cubbon Park


places for visit in bangalore
Cubbon Park

Cuban Park is a major scenic spot in the city of Bengaluru, rich in green leaves. It is a green belt area of ​​Bengaluru city. Here you have the aquarium of the second largest aquarium in India. The park is spread over about 300 acres, originally was on 100 acres which was expanded. More than 6000 trees will be seen in this park. It is an ideal place for those who want a quiet environment, and are nature lovers. Initially this park was called "Mids Park".

Top Things To Do In Cubbon Park

* 1 visvesvaraya industrial and technological museum

* 2 Vidhana soudha and attara kacheri

* 3  KR market

* 4 Venkatappa Art Gallery and Government Museum

* 5 Vikasa soadha

Weather - 27 ℃

Duration- 1-2 hour

Entry Fee- No Entry fee

Location - kasturba road, Behind high court of karnataka ambedkar veedhi, sampangi rama Nagara Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Cuban Park is in the months of September to February. It is closed on every Thursday.

The aquarium is open from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm. The aquarium can be visited every day of the week except the second Monday of the month.

How to Reach

By Metro

If you want to reach Kabban Park by metro, then after reaching Kabban Metro Station, you will get Kabban Park after traveling 100 meters.

By Bus

You can easily reach the park by riding in KSRTC buses coming from every part of the city.

3. MG Road Bangalore

places for visit in bangalore
MG Road Bangalore

MG road or Mahatmagandhi Road is one of the busiest roads in Bangalore. Bangalore is one of the most popular shopping and entertainment centers in the city. Here you will find various types of traditional handicraft saree silk china set like other adorable.

 On MG Road you will also find pubs dancing to party the night away. You can take a stroll on this scenic road and enjoy the bright atmosphere.

Top Things To Do In MG Road Bangalore

1.Cauvery Handicraft

You will reach here by walking just five minutes from mg road.

2.Shri Someshwar Swamy Temple

Shri Someshwar Swamy Temple will reach 9 km walk from MG Road.

3.Jamawar Art Gallery

Jamawar Art Gallery is a 7-minute walk from Mg Road.

4.Kenko Fish Spa

8 minutes walk from MG Road.

Weather- 28 ℃

Duration- 2-3 hours

Entry fee- No entry fee
"If you go to the bar, the entry fee sounds"

Location- Mahatmagandhi Road, Road in Bengaluru Karnataka

Best Time To Visit

October to February

The best time to visit MG Road is during the months of October to February. The temperature seems to be around 10℃ and not even cold. This time is comfortable here.

March to May

Here the temperature is pleasant even after the winters are over. Even in the hottest month is not above 36 ℃, even in summer, it is a good time to visit here.

June to September

It is the time of monsoon, you can see heavy rains here in the month of August-September, but that too is not continuous, so you can make your trip successful here in this time also.

How to Reach

To go on MG Road from Bangalore, you can hire an auto ricksa, a bus taxi.

If you want to board the bus, the nearest bus stand to MG Road are St. Patrick's Church Bus Station Mayo Hall Bus Station and Bredred Rod Junken Bus Station.

4. Lal Bagh


places for visit in bangalore
Lal Bagh

Lal Bagh Botanical Garden is an ideal place for all natural lovers. Lal Bagh botanical artefacts are famous centers for scientific study and conservation of plants.

In Lal Bagh, you will see about 1854 species of plants. This botanical garden is spread over an area of ​​about 240 acres in the center of Bangalore city.

Here you will see more than 3000 million old Lal Bagh Rock, it is a major tourist attraction.
An annual flower show is held here every year. Tipu Sultan brought these imported trees and plants from all over the world and planted them here. In this park you will also see beautiful birds of many species.

Top Things To Do in Lal Bagh

1. Bangalore by foot

It is a 24-minute walk from Lal Bagh.

2. Chikka Tirupati Temple

Chikka Tirupati Temple is a 16-minute walk from Lal Bagh.

3. Health wellness

You will find it 12 minutes walk from Lal Bagh.

Weather-  21 ℃

Duration- 2 - 3 hour

Entry fee- Rs 20 / - per person

Location- Mavali, Bangalore Karnataka 560004

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Lal Bagh Botanical Garden is from November to March.
It is open from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM seven days a week.

How to Reach

You can reach Lal Bagh Botanical Garden by train or bus. It is connected by road, from which you can hire a taxi, or self drive to reach here.
"Lal Bagh Botanical Garden does not have flight connectivity.

5. Bannerghatta National Park

places for visit in bangalore
Bannerghata National Park

Bannerghatta National Park is an ideal place for natural lovers. Here you are home to many species of animals, birds and trees. The park is spread over an area of ​​about 104 square kilometers.

 In this park you can see the first butterfly park in the country, there are about 20 species of butterflies in this butterfly park. This butterfly park is spread over an area of ​​about 7.5.

"The park was established in 2006 by Zoo Authority of Karnataka, University of Agricultural Sciences and Ashoka Trust (ATREE) for research in the field of ecology and environment.

Top Things to Do in Bannerghata National Park

1. Jungle Safari
You can enjoy the wild animals by taking a tour of the forest here.

2. Butterfly Park
You can also enjoy the view of beautiful butterflies in Butterfly Park.

3.Nature Lover
 Nature lovers can also take a walking tour in this park.

Weather- 17 ℃

Duration- 45 minutes to 1 hour

Entry Fee- The state fee for young children such as 12 years of age is Rs 40.

80 for adults.

The fee is different for Butterfly Park

For Fee-

30 rupees for adults

20 rupees is for children.

Location- Bannerghatta, Bangalore, Karnataka 560083

Best time to Visit

The best time to visit Bannerghatta National Park is during the months of November to June, as the weather is cold and full at this time. So that you can see wildlife easily

How to Reach

Depending on the route, you can take a city bus with route number 365,366 or G-4, which will be available here every 20 minutes. You can reach the park by the nearest major eg milestone Jaydev Hospital / Road Mayo checkpoint. It is the nearest stop from Ring Road.