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how are black holes formed?

 Black hole is a celestial body, whose gravity is so much that it pulls all the things around it.

About black hole 
About black hole

 According to Einstein's relative theory, having black is such a powerful gravitational astronomical object, which can not escape any stretch from where the light can not even be reflected after going here. There is a boundary called the event horizon around the black hole, which goes beyond it if it does not return.

Event horizon summary
Event horizon
Event horizon

If you do not know much about the event horizon then I have briefly told you that this space time has a boundary where no one knows what happens to this boundary. Let's start a different universe from here. Events that are beyond this limit have no effect on our space. Any audience or audience outside this would not know what is happening across this border? That is, across the border, gravity is so much that if any object, whether object or light, can not get out of here. If any light is produced within this range, then it remains forever inside the event horizon.

how are black holes formed?
Black hole
Black hole 

When all the fuel in a big star is finished then there is a terrible explosion, which is known as the supernova. The objects that survive after the explosion begin to collapse and form a very dense body, called neutron star. If the neutron star is very large, then its pressure of gravity increases so much that it gets absorbed in its own burden and becomes so dense that it takes the form of a black hole.

Black hole detection

  • Even if the inner part of the black hole is invisible but its presence is confirmed through acting with other substances.
  • When a group of stars circled a space in space, it shows that the black hole is located there.

Image of real black hole

Black hole
First image of black hole

There are many types of substances found inside the black hole, which give considerable gravitational force to its area.

The first photo taken for the first time on April 11, 2019, was taken with the help of eight events Horizon Telescope. It is 3 million times bigger than the Earth. This black hole has been found in Galaxy M87.

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